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challenging cms

Why You Should Love Challenging Customers

Author and speaker Jeff Korhan discusses why you should find those customers you would usually say no to.
by Jeff Korhan


The 4 dimensions of an ideal B2B customer…

What does your ideal customer or prospect look like? The question is an important one, because too many sales pipelines are still full of prospects that are unlikely to buy anything, that you are unlikely to win, or which if yo...
by TeleFaction A/S


Strategies for Maximum Customer Loyalty, Profits

If you’re finding it a challenge to create profits, you might appreciate knowing that you’re not alone. Profits in this Great Recession are elusive  for other businesspeople, too.
by Terry Corbell



Thank you, Bob Cocksedge, for teaching all of us

Your call center is probably the cheapest investment you can make in building your B2C or B2B brand among customers and motivated prospects.
by Seth Godin


Online Customer Experience is Serious Business

While technologies enabling an increase of online customer interaction have been available for quite some time, now is the time for marketing managers to get their hands dirty.
by Micheal Leander Nielsen