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Ten Tips For Impeccable Customer Service

If you want to be able to stand out from the crowd and offer truly great customer service instead of just empty promises, here are ten great tips that will help.
by Bill Hogg


Pitfalls in customer surveys

“Our customer satisfaction doubled in comparison to last year”. “Our customers are the most satisfied throughout the industry”. “95% of our customers consider our service excellent”.
by Peter Niemeyer


Customer Service ABC’s

What makes for outstanding customer service in your business? Follow some of these alphabetical tips to provide high quality service, along with a dash of fun for customers.
by Silvana Clark



Make Your Customers Feel Like Stars!

Here are six secrets from the world of celebrity that will get your customers buzzing about you..
by Donna Cutting


The state of Customer Experience 2007

According to a recent report, outstanding customer service is more important than low prices and quality products.
by Micheal Leander Nielsen