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Prerequisites for cross- and up-selling

26th September 2009 By Fredrik Abildtrup no comments

In many companies contact center employees are very often its customer’s primary touch point, and thus the most important vehicle in serving the customers. But unfortunately most of the time these important employees have become controlled by handling and hold times, rather than building the important relationship between customer and company.

In many companies the focus is about the tools rather than the means. Many companies are focusing on how to shorten the time the customer is on the line or using a lot of resources moving the customer to self-service systems, so that they forget that it is not about the call, but about the customer.This is behavior driven. Pay agents to shorten queue times, they shorten queue times. Pay them to move customers to self-service systems; they move customers to self-service systems. And that so effectively, that the customer got forgotten in the process.

One third of all customers will not buy same product again
Surveys show that about one third of all customers will not buy the same product again if they experience poor customer service. Only at the exact moment customers are satisfied with the service they receive, are they most open to cross-sell and up-sell offers. As we see that cross-sell and up-sell goals are becoming increasingly important, it is therefore so paramount that you design what the customer must experience when contacting the company. And even more importantly you must follow-up and ask the customers what they experience, and act accordingly.

If you are not able to deliver basic satisfaction, you are not able to deliver cross- or up-sales.
With Return on Behavior® you can proactively integrate the voice of your customer into your business strategies, thereby developing trust, good experiences and loyalty into your customer base. Once you have made your customers satisfied and loyal they will not only become customer advocates and refer other potential customers to you, but also be repeat customers. This will dramatically reduce your acquisition cost in terms of new business and at the same time increase the reputation of your company.But again it is not enough to simply monitor the satisfaction of your customer’s experiences; you also need to understand the root cause of customer satisfaction and loyalty in your company. This information allows you to continuously improve your business, and your profit margin.By defining the right targets, you secure that the mission-critical KPIs are goal-oriented, and – not least – you ensure efficient and problem-free implementation of initiatives that can develop your business, improve your customer service, increase your resale as well as additional sales, and in the process, improve the loyalty and satisfaction degrees internally as well as externally.

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About the author: Fredrik Abildtrup

Fredrik Abildtrup is the CEO of TeleFaction. He is a seasoned customer experience and Return on Behavior specialist. Currently he is responsible for the growth and internationalization of TeleFaction. Moreover he assists TeleFaction clients in improving customer loyalty, reducing churn and increase cross-sales across customer service contact points. TeleFaction primarily caters to European businesses in the telecom, financial services, energy, travel and transport industries.

He has many years of  business experience, primarily in sales and management. Most recently as the Division Exeuctive with T-Systems Denmark, a sister company to Deutsche Telekom, where he was responsible for more than 100 employees.

Fredrik Abildtrup graduated from the Copenhagen Business School with a degree in International Marketing and Management. Moreover he has a master’s degree in International Business obtained via the CEMS-programme at the Universität zu St. Gallen in Switzerland.

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