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Global Customer Service Barometer

The recent report published published by American Express® tells us the state of the customer service industry - with some interesting findings!
by James Digby


Relationship capital: the new currency in customer services

Companies are traditionally valued based on profit, assets and liabilities, but author Scott argues that these criteria may not be enough any more…
by Scott @ Loving Outdoors


Tips for Hiring Customer Service Champions

Customer service representatives are the underappreciated front lines of any business. They will make the difference between keeping customers and having to go out and find new ones.
by Brendan Cruickshank



The 15 business benefits of a loyalty initiative

When justifying a loyalty initiative, too many executives focus ONLY on the financials, but there are 15 major business benefits - each a competitive advantage - that only a loyalty initiative can provide.
by Peter Clark


Why Regular Communication helps Customer Retention

If you think how much energy goes into winning a new client, customer retention is very important. And yet, good customers can slip away like slippery eels unless you are willing to keep in touch with them.
by Joe PĂ©lissier