Edition 02

Six universal drivers to assure customer satisfaction

A study in the summer of 2006 revealed (again!) that consumers rated customer service as the number one influence for their loyalty to a company. Read this »

Inspiring megatrends for 2030

The character of business in year 2030 is shaping up now, as three trends assume more compelling roles in business today.

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Trends in customer contact centres

Bright produce the leading benchmarking survey for customer contact centres in the Nordic countries.

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They have the best reputation in the world

Reputation Institute recently published their survey “The World’s Best Corporate Reputations 2006”. Top 25 included 8 Scandinavian corporations.

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Good relations between your CRM and CEM

As promised in the previous edition - Michael Leander Nielsen and TeleFaction provides you insights on how CRM and Customer Experience Management work effectively together. Read this »

Facts you cannot ignore as a customer service or marketing manager

If you attend a marketing, management or customer service conference, you are bound to hear a whole bunch of quotes and “buzz-sentences”… Read this »

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