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Corporate Branding meets Dynamic Customer Surveying

Keeping the balance between brand stability and flexible adaptation Read this »

The Power of Perceptions in Shaping Customer Satisfaction

Is the glass half empty or half full? The definition resides in your customers’ eyes..

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Are Customers As Loyal As Puppies?

Then Why Do They Often Follow the Salesperson Out the Door?

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Is Your CRM System Doomed To Fail?

Make your CRM implementation a success by first defining the rules of use..

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5 Traits You Cannot Teach In Customer Service

There are some character traits that cannot be taught in Customer Service..

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How to create a stable but dynamic Customer Environment

Constant change rules the world and constant changing customer requirements rule your business. Read this »

Why Customer Focus Differentiates

Discover the benefits of customer focus and the link with customer loyalty and profitability..

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Embrace Your Customer’s Complaints

Delivery of high quality customer service is, in truth only as complicated as, we the deliverers make it. And my, don’t we often make it complicated.. Read this »

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