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Prerequisites for cross- and up-selling

In many companies contact center employees are very often its customer’s primary touch point, and thus the most important vehicle in serving the customers. Read this »

Customer centricity: Doing the right thing for the customer

The strategy of customer centricity is a well accepted method of winning customer satisfaction, loyalty and even increased profits.

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Turning Customers Into Good Corporate Citizens

For many businesses, customers are only useful because they buy. You can’t knock that, but there is so much more that customers could do.

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Don’t Silo-Out the Customer Service Department

In the increasing trend of out-sourcing customer service departments overseas, we look to giving you some very good reasons why it should be closer to home. Read this »

Why we should maybe “Hurry Up and Wait” more…

Is it right that a company should profit more at the expense of wasting customer’s time?

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Word of Mouth Versus Traditional Marketing. Friend or Foe?

Social marketing is fast becoming a steady fixture for the majority of marketers. Read this »

Sick of Rotten Call Centers? Do Something About It!

Barely a day goes by without another story of uncaring call centre staff treating customers like dirt…

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The state of Customer Experience 2007

According to a recent report, outstanding customer service is more important than low prices and quality products. Read this »

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