Edition 09

How to create a stable but dynamic Customer Environment

Evolution is the best proof for the fact that nothing is stable; constant change rules the world and constant changing customer requirements rule your business.  Read this »

Embrace Your Customer’s Complaints

Delivery of high quality customer service is, in truth only as complicated as, we the deliverers make it. And my, don’t we often make it complicated… Read this »

Why Customer Focus Differentiates

Discover the benefits of customer focus and the link with customer loyalty and profitability - by Ray Miller, the managing partner of The Training Bank. Read this »

4 Ways You Can Handle Customer Service Better

Problem solving for Customer Service Professionals is really based on the attitude that you WANT to help the Customer.

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Turning Difficult Customers into Raving Fans

If there is one thing that businesses still have to master, it is the art of customer satisfaction.

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Customer Experience: Everything Is An Emotional Buy

More than satisfaction, customer emotion is the underpinning factor in the customer experience. Read this »

Five Tips for Marketing in a Recession

The U.S. economy is in a recession and that as marketers, we need to work within that reality. Here are some tips for what you should do.

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