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Customer satisfaction versus customer loyalty

Companies have much enthusiasm for customer satisfaction. Many see it as a way of making customers happy, and others look at measuring loyalty.

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Barring “Unknown Unknowns,” 2008 Will Be the Year of Customer Valuation

Customer valuation has traditionally been a tantalizing customer management tool—full of untapped promise. This will be the year it comes into its own, I predict. Read this »

Do we over-communicate?

The more information we disseminate, the more value we create, right? Wrong. Bombard your customers and employees with too much irrelevant data and they’ll switch off.

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Growing your Business one Customer at a time

Rule #1: Think of customers as individuals.  Once we think that way, we realize our business is our customer, not our product or services.

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The 6 key factors that influence customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is widely accepted as being worth nurturing, but what are the main business factors that directly influence the loyalty of your customers? Read this »

Ten Truths We Refuse To Believe About Customer Alignment—and CRM

Have you ever sat down and pondered why customer-alignment – including CRM - is so hard for so many companies? Read this »

Leverage the Six Stages of Customer Loyalty: Attract Suspects and Convert Prospects

Customers become loyal to your company and its products and services one transaction at a time. Read this »

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