Edition 04

Close the Gap between Customer Promise and Customer Experience in 4 Steps

Mass-communication creates expectations, but when the customer does decide to contact you, how will you know if these expectations are met? Read this »

The biggest obstacle to knowing what customers really think about us? Fear!

We fear they’ll tell us our product or service stinks, that we’re horrible people and we should never have set foot on earth. Read this »

Online Customer Experience is Serious Business

While technologies enabling an increase of online customer interaction have been available for quite some time, now is the time for marketing managers to get their hands dirty. Read this »

Thank you, Bob Cocksedge, for teaching all of us

Your call center is probably the cheapest investment you can make in building your B2C or B2B brand among customers and motivated prospects.

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More important facts you cannot ignore - part 4

Whenever you attend marketing, management or customer service conferences, you will hear the same exciting thing every time.

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The Customer Complaint Iceberg

This research shows that for every 26 unhappy customers, only one will lodge a formal complaint with Management.

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The dangerous customer

What is a dangerous customer?  It is not necessarily a customer that is threatening you with a knife or a gun.  (That is not just a dangerous customer, but a dangerous person.)

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Good relations between your CRM and CEM

As promised in the previous edition - Michael Leander Nielsen and TeleFaction provides you insights on how CRM and Customer Experience Management work effectively together. Read this »

The role of marketing in the experience economy

Marketing often plays a highly circumscribed role of marketing communications in companies.

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