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Forget the crisis! Be S.M.A.R.T. !

It is said that you need to be more conservative in the times of a crisis. This means that you need to assess your business strategies, and adapt to the current situation. Read this »

Study finds word-of-mouth’s impact on loyalty

In an unfavourable economic climate, companies must focus more than ever on superior customer experiences that retain customers and create positive word-of-mouth (WoM), according to the findings of a Net Promoter-based study into the B2C wireless market by Satmetrix. Read this »

Customer Experience: More Important Than Ever in Tough Times

If customer experience is a viable differentiation strategy in good times, it is doubly so today. At a time when most firms will naturally gravitate toward a strategy of cutting back, hunkering down and laying off—because that’s what one is expected to do in hard times. Read this »

Brands expected to help customers ‘find the value’

The contribution that the overall perception of value makes to customer engagement, loyalty, and profitability has increased in significance in the price-value formula. Read this »

Tough times mean the customer is king once again

Now, more than ever, British SMEs are devoting time, money and effort to improving their customer relationships.

Read this »

Is Customer Service only a Cost-Factor?

Often, employees only focus on making a sale, thereby forgetting to ask the question why the customer buys the product.

Read this »

Where Legendary Customer Service Begins

It may seem amazing that the solution to achieving legendary customer care does not lie in some “slogan driven” training program, but rather in a simple two-step process.. Read this »

How brands can empower loyal customers

With the rise of web 2.0 and social networking, price comparison sites and online discount codes, retailers and home shopping brands must adapt quickly. Read this »

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