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Is Customer Service only a Cost-Factor?

Often, employees only focus on making a sale, thereby forgetting to ask the question why the customer buys the product.

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How brands can empower loyal customers

With the rise of web 2.0 and social networking, price comparison sites and online discount codes, brands must adapt quickly in order to connect online with today’s ‘empowered consumer’, according to a report by Experian. Read this »

Where Legendary Customer Service Begins

It may seem amazing that the solution to achieving legendary customer care does not lie in some “slogan driven” training program, but rather in a simple two-step process..

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In Difficult Times, Keep Your Customers Happy

Ironically, the cost of keeping a client is less costly than trying to find a new one…

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Four ways to keep good employees engaged

The engagement levels of company employees can make all the difference between customer retention and defection.

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Why customers love to complain

Complaining, complaining, complaining…more and more people are complaining about everything.

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Key Consumer Trends for an Uncertain 2009

Against a global background of citizens and businesses being shaken rudely into uncertainty by the economic crisis.

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Six steps to keep the brand alive when the economy slides

When the economy slides, most companies try to cut back on what they see as a cost centre: marketing, branding, and advertising. Read this »

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