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Pitfalls in customer surveys

“Our customer satisfaction doubled in comparison to last year”.

“Our customers are the most satisfied throughout the industry”.

“95% of our customers consider our service excellent”. Read this »

Building Loyalty - 5 Steps to Succeeding in Difficult Times

Consistently deliver a truly awesome customer experience each and every day..

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You Are The Leader - Customer Excellence Begins With You

Your organization is like an engine - and you are the switch that can ignite excellence.. Read this »

Customer Focus in a Slow Economy

In these tough and challenging times, getting the customer experience right is critical…

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The Most Important Customer Service Question

If marketing is the fuel for your business then customer service is the octane…

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Corporate Branding meets Dynamic Customer Surveying

Keeping the balance between brand stability and flexible adaptation Read this »

The Power of Perceptions in Shaping Customer Satisfaction

Is the glass half empty or half full? The definition resides in your customers’ eyes.. Read this »

Are Customers As Loyal As Puppies?

I think not! But you can transfer the relationships good salespeople have fostered by developing creative and thoughtful incentive programs.

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