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Learn why employees need more attention

The secret to creating lasting customer experiences is to identify and address the areas of improvement for employees in the frontline.

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Experiential marketing growing

Consumers report that experiential marketing is more influential. And that makes sense for marketers too. Read this »

The money in your Customer Experience

The service, that your customers experience is a key component in your ability to secure customer loyalty. Read this »

Focusing on your target customer

In today’s highly competitive world, there is a natural tendency to focus on the product or service, to somehow update it or improve it so you can stay one step ahead of your competition. Read this »


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Customer satisfaction delivers future cash flow

How can marketers better link their activities to the measures that matter most to CEOs? We look into a study from 2003…

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Service and marketing facts you cannot ignore

This article provides you with hardcore facts, that any contact center manager, marketing manager, call center manager and CEO cannot ignore.

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The role of marketing in the experience economy

Marketing often plays a highly circumscribed role of marketing communications in companies.

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Loyal behavior reflects on ROI

Persistence with loyalty development undoubtedly led to a surplus on the bottom line, and simply proves the invaluable link between…
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Creating customer experience

From 1990 to 2000 the number of products available to the world doubled. Read this »

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