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Five Tips for Marketing in a Recession

Are we in a recession? Maybe, maybe not. However, let’s assume that at least the U.S. economy will be in a recession and that as marketers, we need to work within that reality. Read this »

Make Your Customers Feel Like Stars!

Here are six secrets from the world of celebrity that will get your customers buzzing about you..
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Market Research - Making It Useful, Not Just Interesting

A wise but anonymous marketer once said that a market research report that gets described as “interesting” has failed. It’s only when it’s “useful” that it gets the pass mark. Read this »

Customer Service ABC’s

What makes for outstanding customer service in your business? Follow some of these alphabetical tips to provide high quality service, along with a dash of fun for customers.
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Ten Steps to purposeful Communication

Communications professionals tell us that effective communication is more important than ever.

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WEB 2.0: The Bubble That Changes Everything

Far from a fad, social networking points the way to whole new methods of innovation and production.

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New Interest in, and New Tools for Measuring, Customer Satisfaction

There’s new interest in solving an age-old corporate problem: how to measure customer satisfaction. Read this »

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