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Prerequisites for cross- and up-selling

In many companies contact center employees are very often its customer’s primary touch point, and thus the most important vehicle in serving the customers. But unfortunately most of the time these important employees have become controlled by handling and hold times, rather than building the important relationship between customer and company. Read this »

Neglect Your Contact Center and You’ll Neglect Your Customers

Do you fully recognize the critical role that the contact center has within your organization?

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CLM CASE STUDY: Agillic and Telenor SONOFON

Customer Lifecycle Management is a new approach to business that is taking the telecoms world by storm …

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Have a Plan: Customer-Centricity Doesn’t Happen by Osmosis

In business, the words “planning” and “customer-centric” seldom appear in the same paragraph, let alone in the same sentence. Read this »

Maslow’s Theory Applies: Nurture Advocacy by “Tree” Rings Around Touch-Points

If you’ve ever taken a marketing course, or read marketing literature, you’re probably familiar A.Maslow. Read this »

Creating and Feeding the Customer Management Strategy

Businesses stand to reap massive rewards by regularly reviewing strategies that enable them to  create value for their customers. Read this »

23 Facts you can’t ignore about customers’ loyalty and satisfaction

These 23 facts that are probably the most important things to know about customer loyalty and customer satisfaction! Read this »

Learn why customer service employees need more attention

The secret to creating lasting customer experiences is to identify and address the areas of improvement for employees on the frontline. Read this »

Inspiring megatrends for 2030

The character of business in year 2030 is shaping up now, as three trends assume more compelling roles in business today.

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